Thinuna IP-9622MB III Network multifunctional terminal(satellite timing, noise detection, network decoding)

Features:Any place with an Ethernet port can be accessed, and it can accept the access and control of servers and other IP network devices.Network fault self-diagnosis, network and service status disp

  • Model No.: IP-9622MB III
  • Name: Network multifunctional terminal
  • Standard: CE ; RoHS


  1. Any place with an Ethernet port can be accessed, and it can accept the access and control of servers and other IP network devices.

  2. Network fault self-diagnosis, network and service status display.

  3. Equipped with 24V POE power supply network port and TCP/IP network port.

  4. It can play network audio, with stereo network audio decoding and mixing output.

  5. With 1-CH dry contact trigger input (event trigger function)

  6. With 1-CH 24V emergency output; can be used to control the volume controller and other devices in an emergency.

  7. With satellite timing function (Beidou timing system), and compatible with GPS and other satellite systems. A variety of setting methods can be selected to calibrate the IP server time. Suitable for all kinds of projects that cannot connect to WAN.

  8. With the function of environmental sound pressure detection, it adopts 24V phantom power pickup probe to automatically identify the environmental noise at the scene.  It can automatically control the volume of network decoding terminal, network amplifier and other terminal devices according to the environmental noise, so that the volume of live music can be matched with the live noise, and a better broadcasting effect can be obtained.

  9. With 1-CH ambient sound monitoring, pickup audio source uploaded to the server, the server can monitor the live sound of the broadcast area in real time. (This function and decoding function to select one of two)

  10. Optional: 2.4G wireless microphone (mixing)




Network interface

Standard RJ45, 10M/100M dual network port, network port comes with upgrade function

Support protocols


Network decoding function:

Audio format

PCM(uncompressed format), ADPCM,MP3

Restart recovery time of power and network disconnection


Network delay

File playback is less than 50ms, real-time speech is less than 150ms

Transmission rate


Audio mode

Network data packet

Frequency response

50Hz~16KHz≤ ±1dB

Harmonic distortion




Local audio input interface

Dedicated USB interface for 2.4G wireless microphone

Local audio output interface

3.5mm stereo output (unbalanced)

Time calibration function:

Supporting satellite systems


Calibration interval setting

Customizable (day, week, month, etc.)

Noise monitoring function:

Sampling rate


Pickup audio input

0dB, analog, balanced


 1kHz≤ 0.5 %

Short-circuit interface

5.08 Spring terminal

24V emergency output interface

5.08 Spring terminal

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Power consumption

Non-emergency ≤ 10W, emergency ≤ 60W (in emergency, depending on the power consumption of external devices, the max power consumption of external devices shall not exceed 50W)

Input power supply

External power supply DC24V, support 24V POE power supply


103(W) x 45(H) x 63(D)mm


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