Our EMS factory provide production services and also assist our customers in procurement, commodity sourcing, distribution, quality assurance, test solutions.


With our facilities, we can do SMT, PTH and final assembly for a wide range of electronic products.  See here for more details of our production facilities.


We work closely with our customers to secure materials for productions.  Material purchase is based on forecast of goods, material lead times, market availabilities, material values, future changes.  The key is to have sufficient materials on time for productions and minimize potential excess in terms of dollars.  Our supply chain management team gives advices, based on the bills of materials, to our customers in order to achieve this.  The team is also promising in sourcing materials for ad hoc needs.

Commodity Sourcing:

Our strong supplier network in China and the globe is an asset to us and our customers.  We keep close, healthy relationships with suppliers of electronics components makers, distributors and agents, metal chassis makers, plastic injectors, die-casters, etc.  This help secure the consistency of material supplies.  Quite a number of component distributors prioritize their supplies to Longjoin.  We also help our customers source cost effective but fit-for-use alternative parts.


We are providing drop shipment services to some of our customers.  Customers place manufacture purchase orders for different models to us and we ship the finished goods to their end customers or agents worldwide.  This effectively saves the distribution costs and time of our customers.

Quality Assurance:

We may need a certain product compliance to sell your product across the globe.  We have successful experiences with the likes of UL, CE, 3C, etc.  So, we know the flows and this makes your work easier.

Test Solution:

For some product types, our test engineers are experienced in designing and making test fixtures for them, independently or collaborating with custome

SoloAmp hearing test.

SoloAmp functional test.

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