DEKEN DTA-2300 Multifunctional commercial digital power amplifier

Fanless design, no active cooling, completely silent, no mechanical noise. Professional DSP processing system with high definition, low noise and wide dynamic range With Bluetooth and USB playback, recording and alarm functions Dual-channel design, 100V/70V/8ohms switchable output mode. High efficiency Class D amplifier with pertect overheat, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection

  • Model No.: TA-2300
  • Name: Multifunctional commercial digital power amplifier
  • Standard: CE; RoHS

DTA series is a series of power amplifiers newly developed by DEKEN for commercial background music applications. Specifically optimized for commercial applications, the entire series uses fanless, silent and efficient digital power amplifiers without any mechanical noise, suitable for all kinds of application scenarios that have demand for environmental noise. At the same time, equipped with the newly developed DSP processing system, it can ensure a complete and equalized music effect at any volume level. This series of power amplifiers are optimized and equalized for DEKEN FIT series commercial speakers, and used together can enhance the audio experience. The series power amplifier has low impedance (fixed impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω) and high impedance (constant voltage 100V, 70V) optional outputs, with a portable and flexible function design, suitable for all types of retail stores, restaurants, bars, conference centers, schools, supermarkets, exhibition halls, shopping malls, hotels and other occasions that pursue sound quality.



  • The whole series of fanless and silent design, no mechanical noise.

  • 2-CH microphone input, microphone input can be compatible with LINE, MIC level input. Mic input has priority, mic priority input can attenuate other input signals (Automatic mute function, attenuation value adjustable).

  • MIC2 is designed with a combination of XLR and TRS input female socket, providing the +15V phantom power, suitable for a variety of microphone inputs.

  • Each microphone is equipped with independent treble, medium, bass, and input gain tone control knobs.

  • 2-CH AUX input, line input select stereo or mono audio source input.

  • 1-CH local audio input, support USB or Bluetooth music playback, and with recording acquisition function.

  • Local playback can customize the output line, and each output is equipped with independent treble and bass control knobs.

  • Built-in chime and alarm siren sound switch, can support external alarm sound.

  • Each input is equipped with an independent volume control knob.

  • 1-CH AUX output interface, can provide input audio source for external amplifier.

  • 2-CH power amplification output, each output has independent volume control knob.

  • With 192*64 dot matrix display screen, the display content is rich and clear.

  • Power supply, audio input/output signal, and clipping indicator.

  • Stereo, mono two mode switching function.

  • Power amplifier constant voltage and fixed impedance mode switching options for driving 8Ω/4Ω, 70V/100V speaker system.

  • Built-in high-efficiency Class D power amplifier, the whole output with perfect overheating, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit protection.

  • With short-circuit input trigger function and a set of 24V auxiliary power output.

  • With a local upgrade interface.




Rated power of constant voltage


Rated power of fixed impedance 


Mic input

MIC1: gain adjustable (0dB-40dB), balanced or unbalanced, 6.3mm TRS

MIC2: gain adjustable (0dB-40dB), balanced or unbalanced, with +15V phantom power, XLR or 6.3mm TRS

AUX input

Two unbalanced, stereo RCA interface (optional stereo input or mono input)

Local audio source

Support USB or Bluetooth music playback, and has a recording capture function

Line output

0dB, 560Ω, unbalanced, stereo RCA interface

Amplifier output

  High impedance: 100V, 70V; low impedance: 8Ω, 4Ω;

Protection circuit

AC fuse, the whole machine has overheat, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, DC protection.

Total output equalization control

Treble:  +/-15db @ 5KHz-20KHz

Bass: +/-15db @ 20Hz-500Hz

Input Sensitivity

(Rated input voltage)

Mic input: 10mVrms

Line input: 0.775Vrms

Frequency Response @ 300W

70V/100V output: 70Hz-17KHz, +/-3dB

4/8Ω output: 20Hz-20KHz, +/-2dB

SNR (A-weighted)


100V output: 90db(A)

4/8Ω output: 95db(A)


100V output: < 5%

4/8Ω output: < 1%

Phantom power


Control input and output

Short-circuit trigger input, +24V power trigger output

Update port

RJ45 update interface

Power supply

100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumptilon (at rated output)


Operating Temperature / Humidity

-20°C ~ +50°C,<95%

Net weight



482(W) × 50(H) × 254(D) mm(with cabinet lugs + foot pads)

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