Thinuna SP-6212E II 12-CH Program power distributor

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Thinuna SP-6212E II programmable purification power distributor is equipped with power purification module. With behavior learning function, DC trigger output, I/O level control, RS485/RS232 and other external control functions. At the same time, it is equipped with convenient and flexible computer management software, internal modular design, and SMT process production. Powerful functions, convenient and flexible multiple control methods and purification system functions make this equipment especially suitable for power supply purification processing of audio/video and various digital devices.

The 40A EMI double purification module of this equipment can resolve and absorb all kinds of interference harmonics in electric energy, and eliminate electromagnetic interference between systems (especially lighting systems), so as to ensure the stability of the system. For audio systems can help improve the sound quality; for various image display systems can also help improve the clarity of the image, color, etc.; for a variety of instruments and equipment can make the equipment work in a stable state.

This machine is especially suitable for all types of professional audio and video systems, advanced audio and video equipment, high-demand for audio and video production studios, recording studios, large professional stage audio and video equipment, large-screen display systems, entertainment and leisure occasions, public address system, radio and television fields, communications, computer networks, medical equipment, industrial automation control and other fields of high-power power purification services and timing sequence power supply.


  • The whole machine is equipped with air switch circuit breaker and voltmeter, with a design capacity of 11KVA.

  • Large wiring terminal is accessed and equipped with protective cover to ensure the safety of the system power supply.

  • 12-channel power supply output, each channel output AC220V/10A, using universal socket, suitable for various types of plugs.

  • 40A dual purification EMI filter (conforming to European CISPR, USA FCC specifications) to purify the system power supply (purification type). Eliminate electromagnetic interference between systems (especially the lighting system) to ensure the stability of the system. For the audio system, improving sound quality also has an obvious effect.

  • MCU control, truly intelligent design, with a variety of control methods and control interfaces.

  • A. Direct control method: manual button.

  • B. External interface control method: emergency 12~24VDC/ common 5~12VDC external control interface (level control); Standard RS232 serial port control(IN/OUT); RS-485 serial port control.

  • Fully supports system integration external control such as central control systems and provides open serial communication protocols.

  • Provide a flexible PC control software, you can use the computer to program and control one or more devices from RS232 port to meet your system control needs.

  • With keypad lock (LOCK) function. Prevents misoperation and facilitates user management.

  • 19" standard cabinet size, 3U standard chassis.



SP-6212E II


Learning type, purification type, timing sequence switch.

Power input


Circuit breaker

50A air switch circuit breaker


12-CH: AC220V, 10A, universal socket

Direct control

12-channel button, ON/OFF button, SET, KEY

External control

Emergency external control interface (level control): 12~24VDC valid;

Common external control interface (level control): 5~12VDC valid;

Standard RS-232 serial interface, dedicated software control, also for cascading;

Standard RS-485 control interface;

Power supply purification filter

RFI special filter for reducing conducted noise is used to suppress power on/off noise, low leakage current. And suppress continuous or intermittent pulse interference, especially for low-impedance load applications.
Operating current: 40A, leakage current: <0.5mA.
Comply with European CISPR, USA FCC specifications.


8kg /pc

Operating temperature / humidity



482(W) × 132(H) × 290(D) mm


Power input protection cover, control cable

Gross weight

9kg / (1pc) , 19kg / (2pcs)

Packing dimensions

0.0390CBM,  54(W) x 19(H) x 38(D) cm  (1pc)

0.0902CBM,  55(W) x 40(H) x 41(D) cm  (2pcs)

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