Thinuna UR-400 Long-distance diversity wireless conference microphone

2023-04-03 deken 118


  • Adopt 2U standard chassis. System menu color large screen display, true diversity receiver.

  • Adopting diversity receiving technology, the signal is more stable, the receiving distance is farther, and the application is wider.

  • Four-channel independent frequency selection system, can be greater to reduce the occurrence of broken frequency.

  • Independent LED lights show the working status of each channel RF and audio, more intuitive.

  • Four-channel volume independently adjustable, SQ independently adjustable.

  • IR infrared frequency matching independent control.

  • Provide 4+2 audio output mode, greatly facilitate the user's daily use.

  • RF transmission frequency range: 640-690MHz.

  • Working range: 50 meters under typical conditions and 200 meters at outdoor straight-line distance (the actual working range depends on the absorption, reflection and interference of RF signal).

  • The working frequency of the system is set to 4x100 frequency points, and each channel is equipped with 100 frequency points adjustable.

  • Noise lock squelch control + tone code navigation lock squelch control.

  • Audio dynamic expansion and automatic level control circuit.



Working frequency: 640-690MHz

Adopt microcomputer CPU control

PLL phase locked loop frequency synthesis technique

Channel: 200CH (in steps of 250KHz)

S/N signal-to-noise ratio:>102dB

T.H.D distortion:<0.5%@1KHz

Frequency response:60Hz-15KHz

Power supply: DC12~15V/1000mA

Transmitter (handheld microphone:H-400; beltpack transmitter: BT-400; base transmitter: T-400)

Working frequency: 640-690MHz controlled by microcomputer CPU

PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology, 4*100 channels freely selectable, multi-function LCD.

Frequency stability: ±0.005% (-10~50℃)

Operation display: LCD simultaneously displays battery capacity and channel

FM max modulation frequency offset: ±48KHz RF

RF output power: 15mW

Battery: 2 AA batteries - about 8 hours of continuous use

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